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Our Massachusetts economy depends on our ability to develop talent capable of innovating in a digital world. The high tech industry and every other sector in our information-based economy has a growing need for computer science expertise, more so than any other STEM field of study by a large margin.

Our students will live in a world where computing will transform their lives. We want all students to expand the way they think, enabling them to use computational thinking to solve problems. This will prepare them to not just use technology, but to develop it.

It all starts with inspiring students, engaging them early, teaching them based on standards, and offering them opportunities to study more deeply if they're interested.

MassCAN is dedicated to making that possible in Massachusetts by building a partnership of educators, industry professionals, and nonprofits to mobilize our resources to create new educational opportunities accessible to all students in Massachusetts.


Building State Capacity for Leadership in K-12 Computer Science Education

On April 3rd & 4th, MassCAN hosted a workshop at Google's Cambridge office for ten states to discuss 4 key areas:

  • Business Engagement
  • Establishing Statewide Coalitions
  • Defining Equity as the Core Value
  • Engaging Government Leaders

MassCAN also used this workshop as a platform for releasing the BNY Mellon State of the States Landscape Report


MassCAN Advisory Board: Notice of Meeting and Agenda


MassCan Briefing Book and Strategic Plans

• February 2016
MassCAN Briefing Book

• September 2015
MassCAN 2015-2018 Strategic Plan
Implementing Computer Science Education in Massachusetts

• October 2013
MassCAN 2013 Action Plan