MassCAN Mission and Approach

MassCAN's Mission is as follows:

  1. Expand the computing education opportunities for all Massachusetts students beyond computer literacy (keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) to include computational thinking and the ability to develop computer technology based on nation-leading standards taught by inspired and qualified teachers
  2. Provide computing education opportunities to students at an early age and a continuous set of learning opportunities across a wide range of subjects throughout their K–12 learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom
  3. Inform and inspire educators, administrators, parents, and students about the employment opportunities available in technology fields across all industries
  4. Mobilize, organize, and coordinate collaborators across Massachusetts in industry, education, nonprofits, and the public sector to enable them to align and engage effectively in achieving and sustaining all aspects of this mission, including standards definition, curriculum development, professional development, licensure, research, outcomes measurements, internships, externships, public awareness, and extracurricular programs.