Rationale for a National Workshop

Building State Strategic Approaches to Equitable K–12 Computer Science Education: Rationale for a National Workshop

The Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network (MassCAN) at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), proposes to address the national need for a more strategic and systemic approach to computer science (CS) education by bringing together multi-sector teams from 10 states that have demonstrated leadership in developing strategic approaches to effect statewide impact on K–12 CS education. During a two-day Workshop and four one-day follow-up sessions throughout the year, the 10 teams will share best practices, address common challenges, and build their capacity for continued leadership.

The Workshop will focus on four dimensions that states have identified as key to a strategic plan:

  • Building political will
  • Engaging business leaders
  • Creating broad-based coalitions to lead state K–12 CS education
  • Ensuring that equity is a central principle of all implementation strategies

The MassCAN/EDC project team will synthesize the states’ strategic approaches (gleaned from the Workshop and follow-up work) and develop multi-dimensional models for effective strategic action, which they will then disseminate to other states.

The National Workshop Agenda and the Attendee Contact Information are posted on this page.