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December 5, 2016 Article:

"How Can We Achieve Computer Science For All?"

November 29, 2016 Article:

"Opening Doors to Computer Science"

July 22, 2016 Article:

"New CS Standards Developed by DESE & EDC's MassCan Approved."

April 25, 2016 Blog Post by MassCAN Executive Director Jim Stanton:

"Computer Science Education: Preparing Informed Decision-Makers and Innovators."

April 7, 2016 WGBH News Story featuring Steve Vinter, MassCAN Executive Committee Chair:

"Why Your Kid Should Learn to Code."

January 30, 2016 National Science Foundation Press Release that mentions MassCAN:

"Building a Foundation for CS for All."

Boston Globe article that describes new funding for MassCAN:

"State Spending $1.5m on Computer Science Training for Teachers."

Boston Globe article that spotlights MassCAN:

"Preview of Writing Code for Future."

EDC Newsroom Story about MassCAN:

"Bringing Code to School."