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CS Workshops for K-5 Educators  

Massachusetts Affiliates are running 1 Day Saturday Workshops for Educators in grades K-5.


2015 February 16, 17, 18, Project GUTS, Growing Up Thinking Scientifically Workshop in Waltham at EDC, for Middle School Science and Technology Teachers 

Project GUTS February Institute : An opportunity for MS Teachers: A fifty-two hour experience, requiring approximately 16 hours of online work, 36 hours of Face to Face work in the form of a 3 Day February workshop, each 6 hours per day,  and 2 follow up day meetups on a Saturday, one in March and May. The GUTS program will be an exciting journey that you may participate in with a cohort of Massachusetts teachers and with the support of local Massachusetts GUTS facilitators. By the end of your "GUTSY" experience, you will be able to use, modify and create computer based models and simulations with your students and students will deepen their knowledge in Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. All modules are mapped to NGSS standards and will soon be cross walked to MA Science Standards.   Learn more about the Project GUTS curriculum.

2015 February 16, 17, 18, Bootstrap World, Workshop in Waltham at EDC, for Math and CS teachers grades 6 - 10 

Bootstrap is a 20+ hour module for student’s ages 12-16 that teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming. During the Bootstrap workshop, teachers will see the curriculum in action, explore the research and pedagogy, investigate the cognitive challenges for students struggling with Algebra, teak a deep dive into the activities and technology, prepare yourself with tools to bring Boostrap to your school and go home with a videogame that you create! The program has proven data on increasing MCAS math scores in multiple districts.  It is a rich pedagogy that results in deep learning of mathematical concepts. Students walk away with a workbook filled with word problems, math challenges, and a videogame of their own design.   Learn more about

February 19 2015 K-5 Code Studio Training, Register for K5 Code Studio in Waltham at EDC


Do you have 25 educators that would like a tailored workshop? Contact us and we will arrange a private workshop.

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