PD by Grade

Computer Science Teacher Professional Development 2013–2018

MassCAN-EDC has been directly involved in coordinating, organizing, raising funding for, or otherwise supporting the professional development programs listed in the table below, in collaboration with BATEC (Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections), ECEP (Expanding Computing Education Pathways), the MetroWest STEM Education Network at Framingham State University, Bootstrap, Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically), and UMass Lowell computer science professor Fred Martin.

The District Tally column shows the total number of teachers participating in a specific professional development program in descending order, by school district.

Note: Although Exploring Computer Science is listed as a grade 6–8 course, many high school teachers also participated in this program and are counted in the middle school column.

Please note that this table is not comprehensive. It does not include many other valuable computer science professional development initiatives occurring around the state, most notably Project Lead The Way training on its computer science curriculum, Mass Insight Education and Research, AP Computer Science A or Computer Science Principles, Scratch educator meetups, and KinderLab Robotics. Nor does it include the wide variety of computer science trainings that individual teachers or districts have pursued on their own. Thus, the table likely represents approximately 50% of the computer science professional development programs that Massachusetts teachers have taken part in over the past five years.