State of the States Landscape Report: State-Level Policies Supporting Equitable K-12 Computer Science Education

This first-of-its-kind report provides a 50-state landscape of computer science policies and can serve as a resource for states beginning to develop policy, implementing policy or that have already enacted policy related to computer science.

This report was prepared collaboratively by a team of authors representing, Education Commission of the States, Education Development Center, Inc. and the Massachusetts Computer Attainment Network (EDC/MassCAN), Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP), and SageFox Consulting Group.

Full Report

Priority 1: State Plan for K–12 Computer Science Education

Priority 2: State-Level Initiatives to Address Diversity in Computer Science Education

Priority 3: Adoption of K–12 Computer Science Standards

Priority 4: State-Level Funding for K–12 Computer Science Education

Priority 5: State Computer Science Teacher Certification

Priority 6: State-Approved Pre-Service Teacher Preparation Programs at Institutions of Higher Education

Priority 7: A Dedicated State-Level Computer Science Position

Priority 8: A Requirement for All High Schools to Offer Computer Science

Priority 9: Computer Science Can Satisfy a Core High School Graduation Requirement

Priority 10: Computer Science Can Satisfy a Core Admission Requirement at Postsecondary Institutions